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LBP Joins the Catering Conversation at the 2017 Catering Institute Symposium

Atlanta, Ga, June 6, 2017 -

LBP was among a select group of leaders in food service to attend the 2017 Catering Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia.  This event enabled brand owners to network and collaborate on the topic of off-premise takeout, delivery, and catering.  During the interactive sessions, cross-functional leaders were able to dive deeply into the complexity of off-premise dining and the many order and delivery channels available to customers.

“This was a wonderful way to connect and foster an open idea exchange and specific strategies that everyone can take back to their organizations” stated Dorothy Heckle, Sr. Marketing Manager at LBP.

LBP has been a proud member of the Catering Institute since 2016.  This partnership is focused on helping restaurant operators, franchisors, franchisees and their catering team members implement tools and strategies for successful catering revenue streams.