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LBP Manufacturing awarded patent for novel single serve coffee filter basket

February 21, 2017 -

LBP Manufacturing LLC (LBP) proudly announces that it was recently awarded a United States Patent (U.S. Patent 9,552, 662) directed to its innovative, single-serve coffee filter basket compatible with Keurig K-Cup single serve coffee makers.  LBP’s unique coffee filter basket was specifically designed to address two important market goals: improve the taste of your coffee and provide an eco-friendly product that does not have to end up in a landfill. With those goals in mind, LBP’s innovators designed a unique coffee filter basket that is structurally and functionally unlike a typical single serve coffee filter basket.

LBP’s design has an “open” sidewall that is covered by a special filter. This structural feature is entirely contrary to the closed, solid sidewall of a standard industry cartridge. Another unique aspect of the LBP design is how the pressurized brewing water strikes the solid bottom wall of the filter basket, causing it to vigorously backflow through the packed coffee grounds before exiting. The LBP design, causes water to more thoroughly interact with the coffee grounds and extract more of the coffee components that directly contribute to a brewed cup of coffee’s flavor and taste. The result? A better tasting, more savory cup of coffee.

Another goal met by LBP’s unique coffee filter is that it addresses the environmental concerns regarding standard industry cartridges, which typically are not recyclable. LBP decided from the onset that it was going to help solve that problem by designing its coffee filter basket to be both recyclable and compostable.

Chicago-based LBP Manufacturing LLC combines innovation and performance to develop consumer-preferred, sustainable, on-the-go packaging. LBP harnesses innovation in material science, equipment and converting technology to meet the varying demand of consumer packages for its customers. LBP is widely known for its hot beverage solutions such as the original Coffee Clutch® hot cup sleeve, Beverage on the Move® insulated beverage to-go carrier and THERMO GRIP® double-wall hot cups.

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