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LBP Manufacturing creates new opportunities with Employer-Led Pilots

January 31, 2017 -

LBP Manufacturing is expanding to meet product demands and internal strategic workforce needs. At the LBP Manufacturing facility, located in Cicero IL, LeadersUp worked extensively with the entire human resources department and a special human resource innovator, to develop a pilot to bridge the talent gap and create a sustainable pipeline of engaged young adults.

The innovator is not a self-proclaimed title, but as a Human Resource Generalist, Eia White is the point person for cultivating an efficient and impactful talent pipeline and implementing new strategies to inform young adults about manufacturing jobs that incorporate the latest advances in robotics, big data, and machine learning. In Illinois, a state with high youth unemployment rates, Eia offers clear pathways for youth opportunities, starting with LBP’s entry-level “packer” positions. She shared, “Our packer positions were constantly in high turnover. We knew that if we could develop solutions for keeping one of the hardest positions in our facility filled, that it would strengthen our overall ability to find and retain talent.

Many young adults have a misconception about manufacturing jobs and are not attracted to the industry because of outdated notions of what a job in manufacturing looks like- Eia worked with LeadersUp to rebrand manufacturing opportunities to young adults through digital and strategic outreach. One key input is a site visit that allows young adults to tour the facility and ask questions about what it means to work at LBP Manufacturing. By seeing a modern manufacturing facility in action, many youths realized that a path to long-term employment was possible.