Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do.

Being an exemplary corporate citizen is important to our business and is reflected in the mindset that is pervasive through our culture. In a world that has growing demands and limited resources, LBP operates a conscientious, responsible business, ensuring everything we do lends toward a healthier and more productive world.

Our actions are governed by strict environmental and ethical standards across the global and throughout our supply chain. We nurture and inspire positive advancement in our community through engagement, philanthropic endeavors and continuous goodwill.

LBP Gives Back Through Community Support and Volunteering

Our commitment to our people and the community is a fulfilling demonstration of our corporate citizenship. LBP and its team members actively participate in numerous events per year ranging from company sponsored internal events for our employees to great philanthropic events that give back to our communities.

LBP is delighted to make our community a better place by our actions, and we recognize the benefit we receive when our team steps out of our four walls and gives back- we become a more tightly-knit team that is capable of changing our worlds.

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We consider our global footprint and take action to mitigate resource use wherever possible.

From efficient product engineering to design for end of life considerations, we can influence the use of materials in our products and what happens to them after their useful life.

In addition to our products, LBP’s facilities are continually improved to be most efficient when it comes to the use of energy and water. LBP recycles beyond our scrap material, including other fiber and resin materials in addition to e-waste and other categories of recyclables.

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