Shifting paradigms of food packing is our sweet spot.

That can take many forms and at LBP, we are committed to creating innovative packaging that is in sync with our customers from the first menu consideration or culinary build thru to concept launch.

Commitment to innovation

In 2014, we forged the way for our world-class teams to craft excellence and cemented our commitment to collaborative client partnerships by investing in our Westchester Innovation Center. Just a few miles from our headquarters in Cicero, IL, this facility boasts 6,000 square feet of customizable space dedicated to launching fully validated and vetted, first time quality products.

Packaging from the first culinary build

How many times have you thought about that new menu item launch, only to have packaging be a limiting factor or even worse, underperform with your new item? Solve those problems in a space that includes a fully functioning test kitchen to challenge menu builds and determine the perfect packaging pairings. Discover how consumers react to your menu items by leveraging our focus group space and take advantage of our state of the art meeting center.

Harness the power of culinary collaboration and take advantage of a streamlined network of partners early in the process for unprecedented speed to market with customized solution that drive profitability for your brand.

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