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The Supreme Heavy Duty Carrier

Transport everything from cold salads to heavy pasta dishes and sandwiches with the piece of mind that they will arrive safely and at the correct temperature.

Corrugated cardboard construction insulates your dishes effectively and efficiently allowing you to transport a variety of heavy entrees without worry of damage or losing their intended temperature.

The inner tray slides in and out of the cover, allowing easy accessibility when serving.

Our catering trays come in three sizes:

  • Small – fits a half steam table pan
  • Large – fits a half steam table pan plus extras
  • Extra large – fits a full steam table pan

Safe Delivery Made Easy

With large, heavy duty entree orders, keeping your trays properly secured is a top priority.

Our trays are designed with side locks to keep your dishes in place during transport.

Additionally, our catering trays feature a tab and slot design to securely stack your entrees during delivery.

Described by caterers as “the perfect disposable carrier for catering,” clean up is also a breeze as both the tray and cover are disposable should you not wish to reuse them.

LBP catering trays are made with at least 25% recycled material.

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Small Catering Trays
Item #9631
Large Catering Trays
Item #9619
Extra Large Catering Trays
Item #9632


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Catering Trays
Item Description Color Case Count Outer Case Dimensions Cube Case Wt. (Lbs) Cases/Pallet TI/HI Cases/Layer SSCC Barcode
9631 Small Catering Tray Overall: 15.25 x 10.75 x 4.75 Kraft 15 sets 15.875 x 6.625 x 20 1.22 12.00 42 14 00816326015853
9619 Large Catering Tray Overall: 20.25 x 13.75 x 4.75 Kraft 15 sets 19.75 x 6.625 x 23 1.74 18.00 42 14 00816326015839
9632 Extra Large Catering Tray Overall: 23.5 x 13.25 x 4.75 Kraft 15 sets 22.125 x 6.625 x 24.375 2.07 20.00 36 12 00816326015860

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