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Dining Food Tray

A Disposable Dining Food Tray

LBP disposable dining food trays eliminate the hassle of permanent upkeep and minimizes potential food safety concerns.

Our eco-friendly tray is a smart choice for your business, keeping your focus on what truly matters.

Tiny Brand Billboards

Custom printing capabilities allow your dining food trays to be customized to display your branding along the inner and outer tray.

As customers enjoy their meal, they will be greeted with your company’s branding and imagery. Use this space as a way to thank them for dining with you, or remind them of ongoing promotions.

An Alternative Way to Ditch the Plastic Basket

Ditch the plastic baskets for these sturdy food trays, capable of safely holding an entree without the need for additional packaging.

Also, gone are the days of grease and liquid leaking through cheap paper trays. Our cardboard trays are resistant to good grease, allowing customers to enjoy their meal without the mess.

Perfect for convenience on the line and easy storage, LBP dining food trays are made with 20% post consumer fiber and grease resistant kraft corrugated material.

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Dining Tray
Item #99817
Flatbread Tray
Item #9859


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Dining Food Tray
Item Description Color Case Count Outer Case Dimensions Cube Case Wt. (Lbs) Cases/Pallet TI/HI Cases/Layer SSCC Barcode
99817 Dining Food Tray Kraft 100 10 x 7 x 1.5 1.78 6.5 45 9 x 5 9 00816326015600
9859 Flatbread Tray White 200 12.3125 x 4.75 x 1.25 1.29 10.5 45 9 x 5 9 00816326017000

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