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Durable Drink Carriers

LBP drink carriers are extremely durable and resilient, helping you to transport drinks and other items to their destination with less risk of spill and mess along the way.

Our drink carriers will stay intact, preventing condensation and unexpected leaks.

Featuring a sturdy multi-compartment design, our carriers are built to accommodate up to four 12-30oz. cups at a single time.

Unlike a flat, carton-style carrier, our carries includes a large cut-out handle for easy carrier. In addition, our unique design distributes the cups’ weight, making it much easier to carry.

The 2-cup carrier features a uniquely designed collapsible strip that prevent smaller drinks from sliding during transport. Both the 4-cup and 2-cup carriers fold flat for your convenience before and after use. After use, our drink carriers can be easily discarded and recycled.

Perfect for any need, from a day at the beach, to a take-out operation, LBP drink carriers will suit all of your hot and cold beverage needs.

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2-cup Drink Carrier
Item #29501
4-cup Drink Carrier
Item #29500
4-cup Tall Drink Carrier
Item #29505
4-cup Jumbo Drink Carrier
Item #29530


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Drink Carriers
Item Description Color Case Count Outer Case Dimensions Cube Case Wt. (Lbs) Cases/Pallet TI/HI Cases/Layer SSCC Barcode
29501 2-cup Drink Carrier Kraft 250 23.375 x 10.5 x 12.375 1.76 19.50 48 8 00816326015921
29500 4-cup Drink Carrier Kraft 200 21.375 x 9 x 13.625 1.52 21.00 50 10 00816326015914
29505 4-cup Tall Drink Carrier Kraft 200 20.375 x 10 x 14.875 1.75 24.00 50 10 00816326015938
29530 4-cup Jumbo Drink Carrier Kraft 200 20.5 x 11.625 x 15.25 2.10 32.00 40 8 00816326010278

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