Timekeeping and hand-scan information policy

LBP Manufacturing is committed to all employees being paid accurately. To accomplish this goal, the Company uses a time management system (TMS) to collect hours worked in all departments on all shifts and has partnered with leading third-party vendors to provide technology to collect and/or store data for this purpose.  The TMS requires an employee to “log” into the system using hand-scan technology. This technology does not actually collect, or store fingerprints or palm prints but instead, it uses low-level infrared light and optics to scan the size and shape of the user’s hand.  The system converts the three-dimensional scan to an electronic template, which is stored in the TMS database and used to verify the users’ hand template utilizing the user’s ID number.  In this way the system verifies that the person entering the ID number is actually the person logging into the system.

The Company understands that in today’s world, people may be concerned about the security of their personal information.  With this in mind, the Company has carefully selected vendors who share the Company’s commitment to protecting confidential and sensitive information.  The Company will, and its vendors have assured the Company that they will, protect from disclosure, all data obtained through hand-scan technology using the reasonable standard of care within the industry.  The Company’s commitment to employees is that this data will be protected to the same level as any other confidential and sensitive company information.

During an employee’s employment, the TMS data which is processed by vendor(s), is not accessible by any Company representative or by any in-company technology system.  Due to the technology used, it is virtually impossible to restore the template to the original scan of a hand.  Furthermore, the Company and its vendors will not sell, lease, trade, or otherwise profit from an employee’s data.  The Company will not, and the Company’s vendors have assured the Company that they will not, disclose or otherwise disseminate an employee’s data without an employee’s consent unless required by any state or federal law, municipal ordinance, valid warrant, or valid subpoena.

Any employee data collected will be retained during the length of an employee’s employment – provided that the current TMS is maintained.  The Company will take steps through the TMS and vendors to permanently destroy an employee’s data upon the termination of active employment, or upon any one-year period of inactive employment status but in no event more than 3 years following termination of employment. This policy is intended to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, and will be interpreted and applied in order to comply with all applicable laws.  If you have any questions about this policy, including – how the hand-scan technology works, how the hand-scan technology is used, or how the TMS interfaces with the payroll process, please contact your Human Resources Specialist.